We work hard to provide a fabulous range of school based activites, from immersive sensory shows, sensory tents, book week shows, and much more! See below for details and please contact us for for information.






Immersive Experiences

Get ready to be taken on a multi-sensory, immersive journey of exploration with Makaton signing, voice output communication aids, signed songs, music, activities and some puppetry. All accompanied by a resource pack with widget symbols and images to aid comprehension. Our experiences are accessible, fun and suitable for all ages and abilities. Our professional actors are all experienced in working within the special needs’ community.

Curriculum Based Drama

The Romans

Ocean & Shore

Physics from Pharaohs to Faraday
The Rainforest

Story Based Drama

Peter Pan in a Pickle


Book Week

Some of our multi-sensory shows are available but we are always happy to discuss a bespoke show to complement your Book Week

Sensory Panto – Cinderella 2020

A traditional pantomime tale for all ages and abilities. Our shows are filled with sensory experiences, Makaton signing, voice output communication aids, songs with signing, amusing sound effects, brightly-coloured sets, puppets, props and costumes that will stimulate and encourage participation. Our expert performers are skilled at encouraging role-play and participation, and acknowledging when a participant wishes to purely spectate.

With multiple full-day options to choose from:

  • 2 stand-alone performances


  • the incorporation of students into the performance with morning rehearsals and then an afternoon show


  •  up to 3 morning classroom sessions for students who might not be able to engage with a performance, followed by an afternoon show

A previous panto – Robin Hood

Sensory Shows 

Baba Yaga, the Russian Witch

Chicken Circus from ‘Animal Tales’ by Terry Jones (with kind permission)

The Pirate from Space

Our multi-sensory shows are fun-filled and fully accessible for all abilities. With Makaton signing, voice output communication aids, songs with signing, brightly coloured sets, puppetry, and much, much more. Be prepared to be drawn into the story by our expert actors as they bring the tale to life.

Schools Work Experience Programme

During the holiday periods (exc. February half-term) we tour South London and SE England with our Family Holiday Activities.  We invite our host schools to nominate 2 students (Actor and Front of House/Stage Management) who will benefit from working with our team of actors gaining valuable life skills’ experience.

The students will receive guidance and support throughout our visit and during performances.  The day begins with a rehearsal of the play and songs – we will supply pre-recorded Voice Output Communication Aids, if needed.  The student will receive a link to our advance pack.  They will be involved in all participation moments and will receive mentoring and guidance on how to involve audience members into our interactive show.

Moira Burnish, our disabled Student Work Experience Programme Assistant, may attend.  

Moira has previously acted on the programme and will be able to give help and reassurance, where needed.

Moira receiving a volunteering reward

Sensory Tent

Our Sensory Tent is perfect for fetes and fairs. Brightly-coloured sensory toys and activities will stimulate imagination and provide a multi-sensory experience suitable for all ages and abilities. One of our expert facilitators will be on hand to enhance the experience and offer friendly advice on how to create some of the bespoke items in our tent.

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a registered UK charity providing multi-sensory theatre experiences and shows to young people with special educational needs and learning disabilities




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