Our Impact

Few theatres offer changing room facilities so we perform in special school venues that can provide everything our audiences need:

“As a parent it was great to take my children to something where they all enjoyed it and there were no logistical problems with access”

“Essential for children like mine. We are not able to participate in other activities so we need this theatre experience”

We recognise that all children, young people and adults have unique abilities and ways of learning:

“I was struck by the actors’ preferential engagement with my son rather than with me which was lovely to see and is not often what he experiences”

“She was very nervous but the actors gave her space to get involved but not make her feel too crowded. It was the first time in a long time she found something fun without getting stressed”

“I loved the individualised interaction with the actors and getting the children to join in based on their interest and ability”

“Fantastic opportunity for my son to access theatre. He absolutely loves all the sensory input and enjoys getting involved but within his own comfort level”

“Having worked in stage management for many years and now as a SEN mother and teacher, I was absolutely in awe of how all children’s needs were taken into consideration while they all had such a wonderful adventure!”

We cater for all needs:

“My son is blind with learning difficulties and no verbal communication.  Nevertheless the team were great with him and he thoroughly enjoyed himself”

“Always fresh with ideas.  Shows are fantastic and meet the needs of the most complex of children”

“The cast all signed Makaton throughout the whole performance and got everyone engaged in their own ways and it was lovely to see happy faces in such an inclusive, understanding environment.  Just fabulous”

Children love taking part in our performances enabling them to ‘take to the stage’ and enjoy being part of a professional production, increasing their confidence and wellbeing:

“My son has a short attention span usually but was fully engaged in this throughout as they gave him a role to play and improvised around him. We hope it didn’t impinge on anyone else’s enjoyment”

We provide a non-judgmental environment:

“We enjoyed it instead of being stressed by trying to make him conform his behaviour”

“No-one batted an eyelid at medical equipment beeping”

Families appreciate the opportunity to engage in an activity as a family and to have the chance to socialise and gain support from each other:

“H2H is the only thing we can do all together that both boys enjoy. Which is testament to you guys with your inclusiveness as you can entertain and capture the imagination of an almost 6-year old deaf boy with high-functioning autism AND a 3 year old with PMLD who functions at around a 10-12 month level. You are all amazing!”

“This was a great time to meet new families and forget all the pressures of life whilst our little ones have lots of fun and laughter”


Advance Packs with widgit symbol storyline and character photographs help to prepare the participants:

“Just seen your symbols support pack.  Really amazed and delighted to see the lengths you have gone to in order to support non verbal young people”

Our Work Experience Programme improves students’ drama skills while providing opportunities for self-development and learning:

“The team were great and very supportive to my student’s needs. This experience was the longest activity my student managed to stay focused on since he joined the school last year. It was a delight to see him flourish in such a unique experience. Seeing him laughing, engaging and reading lines was a real success. Head2Head are really experienced and know exactly how to engage and stimulate students with special needs” [Post-16 Teacher]

“I felt really happy and glad I was picked to do it. I love drama a lot.  I’m glad I meet the actors they really nice to work with and would love to do it again” [student actor with learning difficulties]

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a registered UK charity providing multi-sensory theatre experiences and shows to young people with special educational needs and learning disabilities



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