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Immersive Experiences

Our Family Holiday Activities run throughout the school holidays (excluding February half-term). A half-day – morning or afternoon – of fun for the whole family including: multi-sensory show, sensory tent, craft activities and games. Our cast of professional actors are skilled at Makaton signing and creating an immersive experience for participants, their siblings, family and carers. With puppets, brightly-coloured interactive props and set. Join us on a journey of exploration and don’t forget a picnic!

Case Study of an Immersive Experience:

Wacky World of Oz – Tour 2015

You’ve booked onto a morning show and have printed off your advance pack to have a look through the widgets and activities beforehand. On the day you arrive at the school to find a note on the door, ‘No School, Today Theatre’. One of the actors meets you at the door and introduces themselves using Makaton signing, checks you in and shows you where the facilities are before escorting you to the Sensory Tent and picnic area. You make yourself comfortable and spend a few minutes mingling with other families and exploring the sensory items in the tent before the show starts.

The actors gather and – after a quick health and safety talk – the show begins. You are invited to Dorothy’s Kansas Home to help gather up the eggs. The wind is picking up! It’s a cyclone! You get caught in a twister and the next thing you know you are flying through the air until, bump, you land in a strange colourful land, Oz. You must help Dorothy to get home. But the only person who can make that possible is the Wizard of Oz who lives in the Emerald City far, far away. You’ll need to make some friends to help you and protect Dorothy from the Wicked Witch of the West.

You will journey through several settings packed with sensory moments: rebuilding the yellow brick road, braving the deadly Dark Glade, saving Scarecrow from the crows and much, much more. You will have the opportunity to become characters, such as Tin-man, Lion, Toto, the Queen and Mice, and perform alongside the actors and sing-along with Makaton signing.

You manage it! Dorothy makes it home and so I think you deserve a rest. Why don’t you sit down and enjoy your picnic before beginning your own journey home.


Sensory Panto – Cinderella 2020

A traditional pantomime tale for all ages and abilities. Families can book tickets to our weekend shows for either a morning or afternoon at various venues – SEN Schools and other accessible sites – with appropriate changing room facilities. Our shows are filled with sensory experiences, Makaton signing, voice output communication aids, songs with signing, amusing sound effects, brightly-coloured sets, puppets, props and costumes that will stimulate and encourage participation. Some members of the audience may even be tempted to join in and play a character during the show! Our expert performers are skilled at encouraging role-play and participation, and acknowledging when a participant wishes to purely spectate.

A previous panto – Robin Hood

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