To celebrate Volunteering Week 2022 – Anni Rhodes-Steere, gives us the lowdown on why volunteering in Surrey for our theatre charity, should be on your bucket list for summer 2022. 

Volunteering helps boost your self-esteem and self-confidence 

Preparing you for your next step in life’s journey, volunteering can be a fabulous way to meet new people, interact more, put you out of your comfort zone and allow you to achieve more from life, all of which will help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem and set you up for life. 

Volunteering is good for your mental health 

This goes hand in hand with the above.  If you are in between work or are easing yourself back into employment, getting a volunteering placement could improve your mental health in many ways. It will help put you back into the work mindset and back into daily contact with people and the real world of work. It is known that ‘doing good’ for someone else can break tension in the brain and promote a sense of satisfaction and positivity.  In addition to this it helps combat depression and provides a sense of purpose. 

Getting your foot in the door 

Choosing to volunteer in a sector that interests you could help set you up for the future.  You will have the opportunity to make new and valuable connections with other people which could help you secure job opportunities.  

Developing a new skillset 

Volunteering is a great addition to your CV. You will get the chance to take on roles which may otherwise not be available to you in the paid working world.   This will give you the opportunity, not only to discover if it is right for you, but also to help you develop new skills which will help boost your position when you look for paid work later on.  

Making an impact on the community you live in 

The most important fact about volunteering has to be that it gives you the chance to make a real difference to the world. Whether that’s alleviating a colleague from a long list of tasks or whether you are involved in a bigger project, you have the opportunity to contribute to the community and the kind of world you’d like to love in. Over and above it all you will be part of something bigger than yourself, which is the best reward of all. 

If you love theatre and young children and have a passion for helping others please contact Anni Rhodes-Steere by email or visit 

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