• Liaising with students and their families/teaching staff.  
  • Work with relevant directors/ producers to cast WEP actors in productions. 
  • Observation of WEP actors in production rehearsals and performances. 
  • Writing reports for WEP actors (unpaid), gathering feedback from relevant directors/ producers. 
  • Collating feedback from relevant directors/ producers for informal reports for paid WEP actors. 
  • Sending official, finished reports to WEP actors and their families/ teaching staff. 
  • Update and maintain spreadsheet databases on WEP performers. 
  • Build upon and research relationships with organisations that have a similar ethos. 

Production Budgets 

  • Budget planning and control of production costs. 
  • Work with relevant directors/ producers to create specific production budgets. 
  • Liaise with H2H fundraisers with regards to each productions budget, so funds can be raised. 
  • Allocate and distribute ‘Project Numbers’ for each budget line within each production. 
  • Collect, collate and chase invoices for each production. 


  • General admin. 

We are looking to recruit someone to work 8 hours per week